All Natural Deodorant – Free from Aluminum, Parabens, or Other Harmful Chemicals

Are you worried about the chemicals, aluminum and parabens in commercial deodorant products?

Perhaps you’re looking for an all natural deodorant? One that actually works?

Because, let’s face it. You’ve probably found the ones that work ‘for a while.’ The ones that work if you re-apply them every 2 hours. And the ones that just don’t work at all. Know what I mean?

Well, you’ve found the right place. We have a fragrance-free all natural deodorant that is good enough to eat. Well, the ingredients are all edible. We don’t really know anyone that has tasted it, though! All kidding aside, that’s an important feature because if you put it on your skin, it winds up in your body.

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Deodorant That Works